Sunday, 26 October 2014

Fifty weeks down... New Zealand...

I arrived into Queenstown airport which is hands down the best landscape at an airport I have ever seen. It literally was stunning! Everywhere you turned were mountains with either fantastic deep green forestry or white with snow it was like something out of a movie...

I headed to the hostel which was also hands down the best ever hostel I have stayed in! The Adventure hostel has everything you could need. It had a Kitchen with all its amenities even including a waffle maker! They also have an Endless list of tv and movies to watch on the wide screen tv or play on the play station or wii. You can even hire ski and snow board equipment and a go pro if you need them.

Once I was all checked in i decided to check out Queenstown and walked around to the harbour to see the  stunning views.

I went to a quaint little cafe called a Patagonia Chocolates where I had a hot chocolate.

I then headed to The Barrarat to have steak and chips for main and cheesecake with passion fruit for pudding while I watched the South Africa v New Zealand rugby game.

Afterwards I went back to the hostel and watched a movie with the people in the hostel.

On Sunday I went to Breakie at Atomic Cafe and had French toast with berries and maple syrup. 

I then got the bus to Arrowtown to explore.

This old mining village was very pretty with lots of little shops. I stopped for Tea at expresso love and enjoyed reading my book in the sunshine. 

Once I was back in Queenstown I had a look around the shops and stopped at Patagonia Chocolates to have Churros and chocolate which was delicious.

That evening I met up with the people at the hostel and had Roast dinner which the hostel makes for everyone and you pay $8 for it. It was yummy and gave me a chance to get to know everyone. 

Monday was my first ever ski day so I got up at 6.30 and was taken to Cardona ski resort. I got fitted with my boots and skis etc and had my first lesson on the 'magic carpet' which meant that you get carried to the top on a flat escalator and then ski down it. It was really good fun, although, I was sooo nerves the whole way through as I knew if any thing was going to happen then my insurance would not cover me so I would have been screwed!!

Once I got back I had a quick show and met up with a few of the guys from the hostel where we went for drinks at 1987 bar which had really cheap drinks. 

The next bar was Harry's bar where we had pizza and cider. We also spent the evening playing pool. I was rubbish!

Afterwards we headed to The Find it was a club which had a guy singing live. He was really good so I did join in with a sing-a-long. 

We finally headed to Ferg Burger which has New Zealand's most famous burgers. I can confirm its amazing! I shared a pork burger with one of the guys. I love that it's open till 5am! 

On Tuesday I got to enjoy a lay in and eventually got myself up and headed for a bike ride. As per usual it tipped it down so I got soaked!! 

I went to Jonny's bar for a coffee to try and warm up a bit. Then grabbed a red velvet cupcake for later. 

In the evening I headed to The pub on the wharf for lasagne which was delicious. 

I headed back to the Hostel for quiz night. We ended up coming second and losing by one point purely as we didn't recognise the picture as Russell brand! Would you have recognised him? 

On Wednesday I headed to the airport as I was going to Milford sound. I paid extra to change the 5 hour coach ride to a 20 minute flight. It was sooo stunning and the view from the air were so cool. 

We then headed to the boat where we cruised around Milford sound for a couple of hours taking in the beautiful views and even seeing a few seals.

I then had the 5 hour coach ride back which also had fantastic views! 

Once I got back to the hostel I meet up with a few of my friends for Thai at Tham Nik Thai. We decided to share a few different plates between us which was Pad Thai, Panang curry and tofu noodles with cashew nuts. It was such good food we ate every bit! 

Afterwards we ended up going to Xstreme pub for a beer and then headed down stairs to Beer street company where we had a few more drinks. Are final stop was 1987 bar for some more cheap beers. There was a live band and everyone was joining in dancing so me and a few of the guys stayed there till close.

Thursday a few friends and I did a Road trip to Walaka. It's a cute little village with a few nik-nak shops. 
We had brunch at Kia where I choose to have fritters and halumi which was scrumptious. 

We walked off the food around the lake which was beautiful. 

Afterward we Headed to Gibbsons Valley Winery where we had wine and cheese tasting which was superb. I especially enjoyed the cheese! 

That night one of our friends cook peanut butter chicken with rice and vegetables which was yummy. We then played Mario kart. It was fun as we made a competition of it but I was terrible and out in the first round.  

On my last day in Queenstown I headed to Atomic Cafe for yogurt and granola with berries which was tasty. 

I then headed for the Gondola which took me to the top of the hill. I went to the observation tower but at that point I couldn't see a thing because it was sooo foggy. Once I went up the chair lift to the top of the luge ride and went on that a few times the sky had cleared and I had an amazing view of Queenstown. 

I headed back and met up with a few friends and ate a Ferg burger which was yummy. 

I then headed back to the hostel to watch a movie and chill. 

Afterwards I popped into town to grab a Coffee at vudu to try and wake me up.

I met up with the rest of the gang and headed to The Rhino which looks like a ski chalet. It was really cool inside with a DJ playing some tunes. Afterwards we went to Cowboys which was cowboy themed even with a ride the bull machine. It was lovely to hang out with everyone and gave me a chance to say goodbye before my flight the next day.

Saturday I flew back to Sydney and headed back to the apartment. 

I went for brunch with one of the roommates at Cafe Dov where I had pancakes with ricotta and berries which was delicious. 

I had to go to Bondi junction to get my iPad screen fixed after smashing it on the floor in Bali and then headed back home to watch some movies. 

On Sunday I met up with a friend that I met in Bali at Boy Charlton pool for lunch. I had zuccni flowers with chips which were as wonderful as ever.

Then we met up with one of the new housemates and headed to darling harbour for drinks. We had look at the Latin festival which was on, although, the que for drinks was way too long so we decided to find a bar.

We choose to go to Tokyo bar which was nice and chilled. They even had a singer who was really good. 

We then headed back to King Cross where we had Thai power for dinner and then headed to Kings cross hotel where we met a random guy who asked to come and sit with us. He was pretty weird but it was nice to have a chat as he was funny.

After having all of two hours sleep it was time to get ready for the next part of the trip... Gold Coast... Next post coming soon...

Keeping you posted. 

Sarah x 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Forty nine weeks down... Part 2 Bali...

If you haven't checked out my first part of Bali check it out here...

Once we arrived in Ubud it was starting to get dark. We dropped one of our friends off at the Mango tree hostel and then headed to my accommodation at Amel homestay. 

Thank god my friend who decided to stay with me, otherwise, I don't think I would have ever found it. 

We were dropped off by the taxi and told to walk down the street and our accommodation would be down there, however, we walked down the street and asked for help several times and each time they would say 200m down the road. So we would go 200m, but no sign of the place. We then would ask another person and we would receive the same response. It was fair to say that we were not impressed, especially as we were lugging our suitcases around in 40 degree heat. 

We eventually found the place and were greeted by a toothless man who was topless. We got to our room and it wasn't very nice but the guy made us a cup of tea and made sure we had everything that we needed. 

We also met our next door neighbour who was a fruitarian. He was literally a fruit loop, he seemed to be really high... Maybe it's from the fruit... It was really interesting to hear him talk about his decision to only eat fruit. He was the exact kind of person I was expecting to meet in Ubud.

After getting showered and changed, my friend and I headed to our friends hostel to get some food at Umah Pizza place. I had Nutella pizza with bananas and coconut instead of having a main meal.

We then met up with some of our English friends who were also from our hostel in Seminyak. We tried to find a bar but everything was shut.

After having a very unsuccessful drinking session we called it quits and headed back to our homestay. Walking back in the pitch black down a street with dogs barking at you was literally one of the scariest experiences. Thank god for my friend who was with me otherwise I don't know what I would have done!

Once we finally make it to our room we vowed that we would not be staying another night.

I then got a message from one of the English guys we met saying we should go to Uluwatau with them tomorrow as there is meant to be a massive party.

We therefore decided that this must be fate and decided to book a night in Uluwatau.

Their hostel was fully booked so we booked somewhere else instead.

The next morning we checked out and went to Nomand for dinner where I had the pumpkin ravioli which was to die for! 

We caught a Taxi to Uluwatau and the taxi struggled to find our hotel. He basically dropped us in a street and said that we had to climb the steps down to the beach as cars can't access the beach. I was thinking not this again! But after lugging my heavy suitcase down many flights of steps we eventually found our hotel that looked stunning.

We tried to check in at the Bali surf villa, however, our room wasn't cleaned so I spoke to the manager on the phone and we were upgraded to the honeymoon suite.

We then decided to walk along the beach and had food at Kelly's kitchen. I had toasted sandwich with peanut butter and banana with a mango smoothie. We sat and watched the sunset which was so breath taking. I was so happy we decided to go to Uluwatu, it is funny how things happen for a reason... 

While we were there we got talking to a local about trying to make our way to Single fin which is where the party was, especially, as it was impossible to get a taxi to get us. The guy then called a few hot looking Brazilian guys over and told them we wanted to go there. They said they would take us on their mopeds. I took his number and we headed back to the villa to get ready for the party.

The Brazilians weren't going till late so we decided to try our luck and see if we could hitch hike to the party.

We tried to walk to the bingin beach car park as that was where we could potentially find someone, however, there we so many alleyways it was almost impossible to find especially in the dark with only our lights from our phones to guide us. 

We then stop to ask directions to a group of Californian lads who turned out to be going there too and said we could get on the back of their mopeds. In typical backpacker style we decided to go with them. We first headed to the mini Mart where they have an outside bar, for beer then headed to single fin where we met up with English guys we met previously.

We had fun dancing and I had a few too many tequila shots with the boys. The place was packed with people! 

It is safe to say we were all pretty drunk! We managed to find a taxi who would took us back to Bingin beach car park. We then had to find our way back through the alleyways back to our villa. Looking back it was amazing how we managed to find our way back... 

I then ended up spending most of the rest of the evening being very ill indeed! I think it serves me right... Shots are not my friend...

The next day we woke up feeling very sorry for ourselves. We had papaya bowls at Kelly's kitchen for breakfast which is hands down the best breakfast I have ever had!!   

We did a bit of Sun bathing and swimming in the ocean, although, it was really rocky so I managed to cut my feet badly. 

My friend and I headed back to Ubud as we got Wayan the driver to come and collect us, however, we stayed at The Mango Tree hostel this time which was much better even though it doesn't have hot water!

We walked along the Main Street taking in the sights.

We choose to have dinner at Ibu Rai. I had the satay chicken with rice which had a kick too it but it was full of amazing flavours.

After dinner we stopped at a spa for a facial which was well needed. 

The next morning we headed to Down to earth restaurant which is a vegan restaurant and had buckweed pancakes with coconut syrup and fresh fruit with a super fruit smoothie.

We then headed down to the monkey forest to have a look around. After what people had said about the monkeys I was terrified, however, they were fine.

I then had a tour booked to go ride the elephants at the elephant safari. I was picked up and taken to a few hotel before which were based in the rice fields and completely out of my world!! 

I arrived at the elephant safari and was treated to a Buffett lunch. I then got to ride around the park on the elephant which was pretty amazing. Afterward I feed them and played with them.

Once I returned back to Ubud I went to the Balinese dance performance at the local temple. 

Afterwards I met up with my friend and headed to Dinner at the garden restaurant. It has a stunning exterior with lots of fairy lights. The food itself was ok although the chicken was on the bone so I pretty much had peanut satay sauce with rice.

We were due to wake up at 2am to climb Mount Batur so I had a two hour nap before heading to the mountain.

Once we arrived at our tour guides house we had a hot cup of tea and a flash light. We headed onto the trek which was pitch black following our tour guide. 

We walked up the mountain for about two hours which was pretty tiring but once we arrived at the top nothing could have prepared us for the view...

Once we watched the sunset our tour guide cooked eggs in a hole in the volcano so the steam from it cooked the eggs. 

Once we finished our breakie we head along the top of the mountain and down the other side. It was soo scary coming down especially as the path was only a foot wide. Two of the girls that were on our tour decide to go ahead and ended up getting lost so our tour guide was panicking and had to send out a search party to look for them! Luckily they were fine but seriously silly to go off like that...

We headed back to the hostel we choose to go get a Full body massage and manicure at Lily's spa to get over the trams of hiking for so long. It was just what the doctors ordered! 

My friend and I then headed to Lunch at Down to Earth where I had nachos which were ok but I would have preferred cheese with it!! 

Afterwards I headed to Ubud's famous Markets and had a look around. I have to admit I couldn't find anything I wanted.

That evening we headed to Dinner at Blackhouse Italian. It's a quaint restaurant with an upstairs that has a beautiful view of Ubud. I had a four cheese pizza which melted in the mouth.

Afterwards I got my case and headed for a Taxi to take me to Kuta Central Park hotel.

The next day I woke up and headed to Kuta beach where I relaxed for a few hours.

I then headed to discovery mail and had I look around the shops. It was very weird to find a top shop and Marks and Spencer's there.  

I then ate at Ocean 27 on beach and had my favourite which was nachos it was really delicious. I then got to watch the sunset go down over Kuta which was stunning. 


Once I was back at the hotel I had a quick half an hour back massage before heading to the airport.

I arrived back in Sydney and headed straight to the apartment to meet up with the housemates.

We headed to boy Carlton for brunch where I had poached eggs with bacon, feta, tomatoes and avocado on toast which was amazing.

The rest of the day was spent packing ready for my next trip which was New Zealand.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x