About Me...

Hi, I’m Sarah a 24 year old, who can't stay still!

Ever since I went to university to do my law degree, I realised it wasn't enough for me to have a good job and work behind a desk day in day out.

I soon discovered my passion for traveling and yearned to see the world. After university I started my job at Mike Burton which is a sports event company. This gave me the opportunity to travel to such places as New Zealand, Paris, France, Italy, Scotland and Ireland. I also got the opportunity to travel to Australia for two months on the Lions tour in 2013.

After working there for over two years it has finally time to leave and continue on with the next chapter of my life. After carefully considering what the next step is, I have decided to leave England and move to Australia for a year.

Yes this is quite a radical change but why the hell not I'm young, free and single so why not make the most of it!! I will be based mainly in Sydney with 4 of my friends. I will be working during the week while spending the weekend exploring what Australia has to offer. I'm glad you’re joining me for my adventure of a life time and ill keep you posted :)