Monday, 12 May 2014

Thirty two weeks down...

This week I wanted to make sure I had a super chilled weekend. I wanted to try and save some money, however, it didn't really end up that way! Oops!

On Monday I received my presents from my parents in the post. I got lots of chocolate, jewellery and money. Although the Michael Kors and Pandora jewellery was birthday presents I bought myself!

Thursday I had dance training as usual. From now on we are going over all of the moves and perfecting everything.

Friday after work the girls and I had pizza, wine and chocolate and sat and watch movies all evening.

Saturday morning I met up with a friend from my previous job. We headed to Coogee for brunch where I had Eggs Benedict and a mango smoothie which was delicious. It was great to catch up and gossip about the good old times!!

We then headed to Coogee beach to sit and enjoy the sun for a little bit. Considering it is winter it was incredible weather (even people in bikinis! mad!).

I then headed to the city to meet my roomie to do a bit of shopping. Considering all I wanted to do was return a dress and get a few links taken out of my watch, I came home with ALOT of bags and ALOT less money!!

Saturday evening I met up with two of the guys from my dance training class and headed to Off Broadway Hotel in Broadway for a salsa evening. It was great fun and the dancers were amazing.

Sunday the roomie and I headed to the Opera Kitchen for food and wine. I had a caesar salad burger with parmesan and truffle chips, which was incredible. A friend of ours also joined us and bought us bottles of Moet all afternoon which was amazing! Five or six bottles later we were very tipsy.

After the Opera Kitchen we headed to a friend's leaving dinner at Opium Den in Potts Point for Thai food. I had chicken Pad Thai which was amazing. I felt sooo full though!

Next week im going to have to start eating healthy otherwise ill go home twice the size I am now!

I hope you guys had a good week?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x