Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How to Survive the Greyhound Bus...

I have spent many hours on the greyhound bus over the last few years. It's not a very pleasant experience but it will get you to your destination, which is usually cheaper than getting on a flight. 

If you fancy taking a trip and need to use the Greyhound bus, see my top ways to survive it!

1. Books and magazines

You may not always be able to sleep through the whole journey so bringing books and magazines to read along the way, is definitely a great way to pass the time.

 I'm currently reading you had me at hello by Mhairi McFarlane, so far so good! 

I also can't help reading the tabloid magazines! Easy reading!

2. Music

I take my music everywhere with me as I cant live without my Ipod. On the bus is the perfect example as, I usually use it to block out the noise while I sleep! 

3. Blanket or hoodie 

If you’re like me and get cold very easily take both! I don't always have blanket on me so I improvise and use a bathroom towel! 

4. Face mask

This will help block out the light from outside and any people who have their reading lights on.

5. Inflatable neck cushion 

Make sure you get the inflatable neck cushion, it makes it much easier to travel around with as you can keep it in your handbag.

6. Food and water

Obviously bring food and water especially if you are on a long coach ride as your guaranteed to get peckish!

7. Bring tissues

This may sound silly but you never know when you may need loo roll!

8. Socks

I always take my shoes off to get a bit more comfy, but find my feet get cold quite easily so I always carry a pair of socks with me on the bus.

My other tips to note are that the best time to travel is during the night, you can make the most of the day time in your desination and sleep on the bus at night.

Another tip is to make sure you get off at every rest stop so you can stretch your legs and go for a toliet break. It will keep the restlessness feeling at bay.

If you have any other tips please let me know.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x