Sunday, 16 March 2014

Twenty four weeks down...

The weather this week has continued to be stunning, it's times like this that make me hate the thought of leaving. It's been a very random week but it went super quick with only a four day week of work. (thank god!) I really like my colleagues there, I just hate the work as it's getting so repetitive and dull, I just can't seem to focus!

Monday I took the day off from work and went on a Blue Mountains tour with my roommate and her family. We woke up in the early hours and went to Featherdale Wildlife Park. We got to enter the park before everyone else arrived and had the chance to feed and pet the animals before the public came in.

We then headed to the Blue Mountains which was stunning.

At the Blue Mountains we walked down over 900 steps to the bottom. We then took the railway back up. Which was ridiculously scary as it is the steepest railway in the world.  

We stopped off at the roadside for a photo opportunity.  

We then got the ferry back to Circular Quays which was beautiful. 


We headed to Pancakes on the Rocks where I had yummy bananas and walnut pancakes. 

We went for after dinner drinks at the Opera bar and listen to live music which was so good. 

On Tuesday I decided to go for a run after work as the weather was so amazing and the view at the apartment was stunning.

Thursday was performance training, I learnt the rest of the dance, so now I just have to practice and learn formations. Ohhh and the lift at the end is going to be crazy to learn. Check it out...


Friday I met up with one of the guys I use to live with when I first came out to Australia. We went to watch Non-stop with Liam Neeson, which wasn't very good as it was so typical and cheesy it was laughable. Even though the movie was bad, it was lovely to have a catch up though. 

Saturday I went to my first Australian pool party and BBQ which was good fun. I went to my colleague’s house who had such a beautiful house. She cooked loads of food and we had lots to drink. She even gave me some Galaxy chocolate from England which was amazing! (I have already eaten the whole family sized pack though! Oops!) 

When I came back home, the roomies where playing drinking games so of course I joined in! We headed to Newtown to a few Irish bars, which was fun. I seriously love this place its sooo cool. I love that there was a brass band playing in the streets and people dancing.

We then headed to Bondi Junction to a house party. It was soooo packed and full of young European backpackers! We were there for less than 30 minutes and then left because it was so out of control! 

Sunday was a complete write off! Luckily it was raining so I had an excuse not to leave the apartment! 

Keeping you posted. 

Sarah x 

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