Sunday, 23 March 2014

Twenty five weeks down...

This week was full of of socialising and with that, I seem to be spending money like no tomorrow. I've had a few lunches with the work girls this week which is lovely, but certainly not good on the bank balance or the waist line!! Next week I must cut down!! (I think I say this every week!)

Monday was St Patrick's Day, so on my way to salsa at Bar100 I stopped by the Opera House to view it in all its green glory! 

Tuesday I went to my dance partners house to practice, ready for Thursday. We got to have a bit of a practice at his, however, I didn't realise he had a cat so I had an allergic reaction. I could barely see to dance my eyes were running so bad! How embarrassing! I think that might be the first and last time I go there!!

Thursday was dance practice where we finally learnt the final lift, which is seriously hard. I have to get up on my dance partners shoulders and then flip down. It will look amazing once I've practised it a bit more! We also worked on the last bit of the dance and sorted our formations. It does look a bit rubbish at the moment as we are still trying to remember the dance moves, but check out how we got on anyway...

Friday we headed to Allianz stadium to watch Waratahs v Melbourne Rebels. The rugby match was great to watch. Plus it was full of hot guys!! I couldn't stop perving! I think I might have to make going to the rugby a regular thing!!

Saturday I spent the day at Bondi Beach relaxing with friends and catching up on Gossip! In the evening I went to Meat and Wine Co in Darling Harbour with my roommate and her parents. The food was amazing! My steak was sooo good. We ended up having the perfect view of the Harbour and timed it perfectly so that we had a view of the fireworks outside.

Afterwards the roomie and I headed to Cargo Lounge in Darling harbour to meet up with the rest of the roommates. The music was old school RnB, which was great to dance too. Some of the roommates couldn't get in so we had to leave, we headed to Bunglow 8 instead. We ended up spending the evening dancing away till close. I seriously love those nights!

We headed back to ours and decided to have a hot top party! I think I went to bed about 5 am, so it was definitely a good night!!

Sunday was a chill day for me. I decided to sort through all my rubbish I have managed to collect over the last 5 months! (Autumn clean?!)

I hope you guys had a good week too?

Keeping you posted. 

Sarah x 

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