Thursday, 27 February 2014

Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your all having a good week So far. So glad this week is almost over so I can start the weekend! Soooo excited to celebrate my first Mardi Gras! To start your weekend off see my favourites for this week.

Favourite Song: Magic! - Rude


Favourite Travel Quote:

Favourite Place: New York

Favourite Dance Video:

Favourite moment from last week: Drinking at Bucklet List in Bondi

Have you got a few Friday favourites this week?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Twenty one weeks down...


This week has been such a good week! I started off doing loads of exercise and eating healthy. It went downhill by the weekend as I consumed so much food and alcohol that I'm feeling mega guilty! 

Monday evening I headed to salsa which was incredible, I had some amazing dances and definitely feel like I'm improving. Some of the guys from the dance training on Thursday were there so it meant we got a chance to practice. 

Tuesday I headed to Bikram Yoga in Bondi Juction which was amazing! It was sooo hot and sweaty but it was really good. I felt so good afterwards but now my body hurts so bad!

Thursday I headed to the dance training  which was so much fun. We are currently learning  more lifts which is pretty scary but good fun, I just feel sorry for my dance partner having to lift me up. Have a look at the routine so far...

Saturday's weather was not that good so it was a perfect day for sightseeing. We headed to Eveleigh Market in Redfern which was an indoor market. I did buy some brownies which were yummy! Oops! 

We walked into the city to Central Park to have a look around the shop and decided to stop at Max Brenner for some brunch. I had waffles which was sooo good. Best Chocolate shop in Sydney!

We then headed to Darling Harbour and went passed the Chinese gardens and headed to Paddy's Market where we got some fresh fruit. we had a chance to look around the markets and the outlet shopping centre where I managed to bag myself a dress for $2.00!!

We walked through the Hyde Park to the Food and Wine Festival. I love that Sydney always has soooo much to do! 

On the way home we stopped in at St Mary's cathedral which was stunning inside. The stain glass windows were amazing.

That evening we had pre drinks at ours and then headed to the Argyle at The Rocks. It was so cool inside, it's definitely one of my new favourite clubs.

Sunday we headed to Bucket list for hair of the dog! It was fun just to relax by the beach in the sun. Perfect Sunday if you ask me. 

Hope you guys had a great week too!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Feel Good Friday

Happy Friday everyone! Hopefully you all have a full weekend of fun filled plans. This week I've been exercising like mad! I will get fit!! So to start your Friday off, here's a few of my favourites this week.

Favourite Designer:  Zuhair Murad

Favourite Song: George Ezra - Budapest 

Favourite Travel Quote: 

Favourite Drink: Strawberry Mojito 

Favourite Memory From Last Week: Anti-Valentines Day

Have you got a few Friday favourites this week?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Twenty weeks down...

This week has been pretty exhausting. Although I did skip salsa again, after going on Sunday I couldn't handle going twice in a row.

Tuesday I was given tickets by work for a Fiji cocktails and movie event at Bondi open air cinema. The roommate and I got to go in the VIP tent out of the rain and had pizza and cocktails. We then got bean bags to sit down on and watch the movie.

Wednesday was another work event at the Hilton hotel which was to promote Canada. It was a terrible event! There was no booze and it was extremely cheesy so I did end up walking out and leaving!

Thursday after work I headed to my first training session with the advance salsa performing team which was really good. It was pretty hard and I seriously have loads of practicing to do! I have recorded the teachers dancing which I will do each week so you can see what I'm learning. 

Friday was Valentine's Day so we had an Anti-Valentine's Day party. All the housemates and a few friends brought some food and wine, so we ended up drinking a lot! Some of the housemates passed out, Others went out, I stayed in with one of my friends mates and ended up chatting all night! 

Saturday I had the worst hangover! I would go as far as to say I spent 90% of the day in bed! Although I didn't miss the fireworks! 

Sunday we headed to the Australian Surf Competition in Manly. If the weather wasn't so awful it would actually be a really good event. Especially as there were some seriously hot guys!

We grabbed lunch at Moo Moos and headed back to the apartment to spend the evening watching movies.

I hope you had a great week? 

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Feel Good Friday

Happy Valentines Day! If your single like me this day sucks! If your not then I hope you have a great time with your loved one... (Not jealous at all...). Here are my favourites for the week and of course I had to do a romantic themed! 

Favourite Movie: The Notebook

Favourite Song: The Calling - Wherever you will go

Favourite Dress: 

Favourite Present Idea: Make Him Breakfast In Bed With Rasberry Pancakes

Favourite Moment: Long Lasting Love

Let me know what your Valentine's Plans are?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nineteen weeks down...

This week I've been trying to save money so I can pay for the advance salsa performance class which starts next week. Although i didn't do very well this weekend oops...

On Tuesday after work we headed to a works function at a cinema which was about traveling to Bali. After they told us about Bali we then got to watch a movie. It was a pretty cool event and included telling us about the different hotels which involved winning them as prizes (no I didn’t win!). We also got free champagne and food for the movie which was so funny it was called Last Vegas.

On Friday we headed to Bondi to the Open Air Cinema which was soooo good definitely one of my favourite nights so far. We went to see Grease the sing-a-long version which was brilliant. We had a picnic while we watched it with lots of bottles of wine so we were more than happy to get up and sing and dance. We then headed to Bucket list for a few more drinks!

Saturday we felt a little worse for wear in the morning and then headed into town to run a few errands. In the afternoon, as the weather was soo good we headed to the Opera Bar to have a few drinks. It was so nice I really love it there. It's a perfect location right next to the Opera House, overlooking the Harbour Bridge and the band was playing great music. What’s not to love? 

We then decided to head to the Golden Sheaf in Edgecliff. 

Once we got kicked out we headed to the Kings Cross Hotel which has so many floors with all kind of music. We ended up getting to bed about 5am so good night!

Sunday I ended up going to the Botanical Gardens and did a bit of sunbathing. I then spent the evening at Latin Junction at the advance class which was fun. They are all so nice and welcoming. 

Hope you guys had a good week too? 

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x