Sunday, 9 February 2014

Nineteen weeks down...

This week I've been trying to save money so I can pay for the advance salsa performance class which starts next week. Although i didn't do very well this weekend oops...

On Tuesday after work we headed to a works function at a cinema which was about traveling to Bali. After they told us about Bali we then got to watch a movie. It was a pretty cool event and included telling us about the different hotels which involved winning them as prizes (no I didn’t win!). We also got free champagne and food for the movie which was so funny it was called Last Vegas.

On Friday we headed to Bondi to the Open Air Cinema which was soooo good definitely one of my favourite nights so far. We went to see Grease the sing-a-long version which was brilliant. We had a picnic while we watched it with lots of bottles of wine so we were more than happy to get up and sing and dance. We then headed to Bucket list for a few more drinks!

Saturday we felt a little worse for wear in the morning and then headed into town to run a few errands. In the afternoon, as the weather was soo good we headed to the Opera Bar to have a few drinks. It was so nice I really love it there. It's a perfect location right next to the Opera House, overlooking the Harbour Bridge and the band was playing great music. What’s not to love? 

We then decided to head to the Golden Sheaf in Edgecliff. 

Once we got kicked out we headed to the Kings Cross Hotel which has so many floors with all kind of music. We ended up getting to bed about 5am so good night!

Sunday I ended up going to the Botanical Gardens and did a bit of sunbathing. I then spent the evening at Latin Junction at the advance class which was fun. They are all so nice and welcoming. 

Hope you guys had a good week too? 

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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