Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thirteen weeks down...

It's finally chrismas!! Can't believe it's here! 

Monday I ended up relaxing during the day and not really doing much! We all ended up deciding to go out on a spontaneous night out which was sooooo much fun! We headed to a reggae evening at the Civic Hotel in the city. I ended up spending the whole evening dancing!!! 

Tuesday we ended up getting all the food prepped ready for Xmas day. We ended up going to three different food shops! In the eve we watched lawless altogether and then headed to bed.

Wednesday I got up at 8.30 and put the turkey in. I ended up not reading the instructions and thought it had to be defrosted 48 hours before so I totally panicked and then realised it didnt need to be defrosted! Slight over reaction! The dinner went well considering I was cooking for 10 people which definitely tested my cooking skills! We spent the rest of the day getting drunk although we started at 12 am so by the time it got too 9 pm I was knackered!! We were originally planning to go to Bondi but the weather was sooo bad we couldn't which was typical! 

Boxing Day was spent recovering on the beach as it was finally sunny so we headed to Bondi to get our tan on! 

Friday me and the roomie met up with a friend and had a pub lunch in the rocks, I had chicken parmigiana which is becoming my favourite Aussie dish!! We then headed to do some retail therapy in the sales although I didn't really find anything I wanted! 

We then headed to the IMAX cinema to watch The Hobbit, the screen was huge!!! The movie was great too, although, it left on a cliff hanger so now I'm gonna have to wait ages for the next one! 

Saturday we headed to Bondi again to do some more sun bathing! Once we headed back I decided to go for a run and watch the sunset over the Sydney harbour bridge which was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time! Makes me want to run more which is a bonus!!! 

Once I came back from my run we decided to go out so we started to drink! We ended up drinking sooo much that we didn't even manage to leave the apartment! 

On Sunday we were absolutely hanging so we spent the day in the apartment trying to recover!!!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Twelfth week down...

It's nearly here!! One week till Xmas!! Can't believe it's the last week at work and then two weeks off! Can not wait!!!!

Monday was salsa although it was far too packed so I didn't stay long at free style.

Tuesday I was so tired I just felt like staying in and watching TV. I did arrive home to a parcel from the family which had a stocking inside! I haven't opened it yet which is killing me! 

Wednesday me and the roomie decided to have a run after work in the botanical gardens so we ran to the opera house and back. Best run I have ever done it was soooo amazing and the sun was setting over the bridge it was sooo pretty. At least it might make me run more!!! 

Thursday was the Christmas party so we got to leave work half an hour early and headed to the bosses house for a house party! It was very relax affair no one getting too drunk or any Xmas gossip just chatting and drinking ALOT of champagne! We ended up leaving and a few of us headed to the local pub for a few more drinks until we got kicked out.

The next day I was suffering pretty bad! I had lunch with the work lot, so having a greasy burger and chips definitely helped! After work I had a quick power nap and then headed to the Sugar Mill in Kings Cross. I had steak and chips and it was that good although I did have a glass of wine which was such a struggle to drink! 

After we headed to the comedy show at Rocko Lounge which we managed to get in for free (normally $25.00). It was a Xmas special so they had 10 comedians all with 15 minutes. It was a really good show and even better free! 

After we headed to Messino in King Cross for some ice cream. They had loads of Christmas special ice creams which all looked amazing.

On Saturday we didn't do very much during the day apart from sleeping! In the evening we had a few glasses of wine before headed to the domain in the botanical gardens which is a two minute walk from our penthouse. We were seriously surprised at how amazing it was. There were thousands of people there and all singing Xmas songs. Perfect for getting in the Xmas spirt! They also had fireworks.  (Sydney loves their fireworks!)

On Sunday me and the roomie headed to Bondi Juction to get a mani and pedi. I decided to go with glittery red for xmas! 

Just ended the evening watching home alone! Now looking forward to Christmas next week!!!!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Eleventh week down...

On Monday I came home from work to find a parcel from my mum which contained a Christmas Advent Calendar and an Xmas card. My mum had written me an essay in the card which was really sweet saying how proud she is of me, it even made be cry a little. It's going to be very hard to not seeing the family for a year. 

Tuesday we headed to the cinema as they have cheap tickets on Tuesdays at Event Cinemas. We watched the Hunter Games which was really good. On the way back we walked passed the Town Hall and the Church which were all lit up with special effects for xmas.

Thursday me and the roomie headed to Bondi Juction for a bit of late night shopping. We then headed to King Cross hotel in Kings Cross for some food. They do cheap deals each day so we had chichen schnitzel for $12.00 which was pretty cheap and yummy!

Friday we went to a comedy show called Happy Endings at Rocko Lounge in Kings Cross which was really funny. The American guy was the best although we were sitting at the front so we got picked on quite a bit!

After the show we headed for ice cream at Messina in Kings Cross and even went for three scopes of ice cream! 

Saturday we headed into town to do some more shopping! We went to Circular Quay to have some food at Pancake on the Rocks and had some pics at the opera house. 

We also headed to Darling Harbour to get our tickets for The Hobbit at the IMAX cinema for the day after Boxing Day. They had loads of Santa's in the water which are worth seeing. We had a cocktails at Cyren and the headed back home to get ready.

We headed to Marque at the Star Casino in Darling Harbour where one of my work colleges had a table which costs $3,000 for the evening! The club was lovely and the music was good too. It was sooo much fun and me and cat had way too much to drink! We ended up getting a taxi back home which was the best taxi ride I ever had! We ended up having the music on full blast and dancing in the taxi. Not to mention the taxi driver was dancing with us! 

Sunday we were so hungover I never even moved from the couch! We just spent the day watching movies such as Love Actually! One of the house mates cooked spaghetti to make us feel better which was good. Looking forward to tomorrow so I can feel normal again!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tenth week down...

I just wanted to start by saying thank you to those that have visited my blog. I can not believe I've had over a 1,000 views since I've started my trip two months ago so THANK YOU!!

This week I've been pretty lazy which is not good! I skipped salsa for a night in, in front of the tv and yes guilt did set in! 

Tuesday we headed to Soda Factory in Surrey Hills, again after work, it's just sooo cheap and the atmostfear was so good. It's just nice to sit and drink, relax, eat good food and listen to music...what more could you want?!

It's come that time again when I fancied a change sooo I decided to dye my hair. I am not gonna lie I was crapping myself about dyeing my own hair but as it costs a ridculous amount of money just to cut your hair here in Sydney there is no way I am paying them to dye it!

Thank god it worked well you can no longer see the blonde ombré just full on brunette. What a way to spend my Friday eve!

Saturday we headed to Coogee beach which was packed! We brought alcohol and music with us and spent the day sunbathing. It was so nice spending time with the new roomies and having the chance to get to know them better. We then ended up having a take away from Dough Boy in Kings Cross which does really good pizza and garlic bread.

Sunday we got up early and made pancake breakfast for one of the roommates birthday. It was really fun just to all gather round the table and enjoy breakfast together. 

We then headed to Maroubra beach in one of the roommates van. Three of us had to lay down on the mattress in the back to fit us all in which was pretty bumpy but fun, felt like a rollarcoaster ride!

I can confirm this time I got pretty burnt, maybe even sunstroke... Oops! 

That eve we had Thai food which was ok but not as good as Thai In a Box. 

Really need to spend next week getting healthy! 

Let's see how that goes....

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Monday, 2 December 2013

Ninth week down...

This week has been full of suprises but most of all I released that wine has become my new friend! 

I seem to be drining a little too much this week! It's very easy to get relaxed in a city that's always socialising! 

Monday I went back to salsa after missing a few weeks. I seem to have to force myself to go but once I'm there I love every minute! 

Tuesday we headed to the Soda Factory in Surrey Hills which was amazing I've never seen a place so busy! It was mostly because it was two dollar hot dogs which definitely brought the boys in!  There was also live music which was really good, made me realise how much I love it. I really need to go to some more Live music venues. 

Wednesday was a quite night in which was good because Thursday ended up being a very heavy night! I was planning on going to a kick boxing class at the gym but then got talked into going for drinks with the work lot as one of them ones leaving. We went to the firehouse, in North 
Sydney, which seems to be my local haunt! One of the work guys bought me two bottles of wine so as you can image I got pretty drunk! Me and a few of the guys headed to the Ivy which was really good fun! A few guys were too drunk and got kicked out and few left to go home to the family. So me and two work mates were left and I still kept drinking!!! We finally decided to leave but I have no idea what time it was!! 

Friday morning and I really did not want to wake up! I walked to work and was definitely still drunk which was soooo bad! I spent the whole day at work trying not to vom!! Serves me right!!!

After work I thought I should just go to bed but no!!! I ended up going to the pub with some friends instead! We headed to the Norfork, in Surrey Hills for a drink and then ended up at Strawberry Hills for food which was really good.

Saturday I didn't even get out of bed till midday! Once we evently got up we headed to Bondi Juction for some retail therapy. I spent alot! I decided to buy myself an early Xmas prezzie which was an iPad! We headed back to the flat to have a movie evening. 

Sunday we headed into Sydney to buy some hair dye as I'm gonna go brunette again! The rest of the eve was spent soaking up the sun on the balcony which was amazing! Definitely a good way to spend the week!  

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Eight weeks down…

View from the apartment

Well this week hasn’t been too eventful as we've been focusing on sorting out an apartment.

Monday we met up with our future housemates and had a drink to get to know them. 

We headed off to Harry’s CafĂ© on Wheels, in Wooloomooloo which does pies and hot dogs. Harry's is pretty famous spot is in Sydney and if your lucky you may even catch Russell Crowe there. (Its also right by the new apartment!). 

Thursday at work they asked me to stay another three months so that’s brilliant, means I now have money coming in till April. After work we headed to Ikea and had meatballs for tea which was surprisingly good!!

Friday we went to the apartment to just see it again and figure out what we need and then we headed back to the hostel to pack. 

On Saturday we were picked up by a friend who helped us to move and tried to fit all our stuff in one car which only just fit! I think he wasn’t expecting me and the roomie to have that much stuff! The shock on his face was priceless! Once we dumped our stuff and the apartment we decided to go to lunch. We headed to Bills in Surrey Hills and met up with another friend. I had a steak sandwich which was sooo good.

We all headed to get some ice cream at Gelato Messina Surry Hills which was highly recommended by both of the guys we went to dinner with. I had a scope of Mango which was yummy!


We then all decided to go for a drink at the winery we only wanted a drink but after four pitchers of sangria and pimms I was feeling slightly tipsy on the way back!

The roomie and I decided to head to ikea (again!) and picked a few things up now we know what we needed.

We then ended up spending the rest of the evening watching a movie with the rest of the housemates.

Sunday was spent cleaning the apartment. It made me realise how lucky we are to find a penthouse suite so close to the city with really nice roommates.



We headed to the wharf  and sat and sunbathed it was nice to finally have some nice weather again.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x