Sunday, 22 December 2013

Twelfth week down...

It's nearly here!! One week till Xmas!! Can't believe it's the last week at work and then two weeks off! Can not wait!!!!

Monday was salsa although it was far too packed so I didn't stay long at free style.

Tuesday I was so tired I just felt like staying in and watching TV. I did arrive home to a parcel from the family which had a stocking inside! I haven't opened it yet which is killing me! 

Wednesday me and the roomie decided to have a run after work in the botanical gardens so we ran to the opera house and back. Best run I have ever done it was soooo amazing and the sun was setting over the bridge it was sooo pretty. At least it might make me run more!!! 

Thursday was the Christmas party so we got to leave work half an hour early and headed to the bosses house for a house party! It was very relax affair no one getting too drunk or any Xmas gossip just chatting and drinking ALOT of champagne! We ended up leaving and a few of us headed to the local pub for a few more drinks until we got kicked out.

The next day I was suffering pretty bad! I had lunch with the work lot, so having a greasy burger and chips definitely helped! After work I had a quick power nap and then headed to the Sugar Mill in Kings Cross. I had steak and chips and it was that good although I did have a glass of wine which was such a struggle to drink! 

After we headed to the comedy show at Rocko Lounge which we managed to get in for free (normally $25.00). It was a Xmas special so they had 10 comedians all with 15 minutes. It was a really good show and even better free! 

After we headed to Messino in King Cross for some ice cream. They had loads of Christmas special ice creams which all looked amazing.

On Saturday we didn't do very much during the day apart from sleeping! In the evening we had a few glasses of wine before headed to the domain in the botanical gardens which is a two minute walk from our penthouse. We were seriously surprised at how amazing it was. There were thousands of people there and all singing Xmas songs. Perfect for getting in the Xmas spirt! They also had fireworks.  (Sydney loves their fireworks!)

On Sunday me and the roomie headed to Bondi Juction to get a mani and pedi. I decided to go with glittery red for xmas! 

Just ended the evening watching home alone! Now looking forward to Christmas next week!!!!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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