Sunday, 15 December 2013

Eleventh week down...

On Monday I came home from work to find a parcel from my mum which contained a Christmas Advent Calendar and an Xmas card. My mum had written me an essay in the card which was really sweet saying how proud she is of me, it even made be cry a little. It's going to be very hard to not seeing the family for a year. 

Tuesday we headed to the cinema as they have cheap tickets on Tuesdays at Event Cinemas. We watched the Hunter Games which was really good. On the way back we walked passed the Town Hall and the Church which were all lit up with special effects for xmas.

Thursday me and the roomie headed to Bondi Juction for a bit of late night shopping. We then headed to King Cross hotel in Kings Cross for some food. They do cheap deals each day so we had chichen schnitzel for $12.00 which was pretty cheap and yummy!

Friday we went to a comedy show called Happy Endings at Rocko Lounge in Kings Cross which was really funny. The American guy was the best although we were sitting at the front so we got picked on quite a bit!

After the show we headed for ice cream at Messina in Kings Cross and even went for three scopes of ice cream! 

Saturday we headed into town to do some more shopping! We went to Circular Quay to have some food at Pancake on the Rocks and had some pics at the opera house. 

We also headed to Darling Harbour to get our tickets for The Hobbit at the IMAX cinema for the day after Boxing Day. They had loads of Santa's in the water which are worth seeing. We had a cocktails at Cyren and the headed back home to get ready.

We headed to Marque at the Star Casino in Darling Harbour where one of my work colleges had a table which costs $3,000 for the evening! The club was lovely and the music was good too. It was sooo much fun and me and cat had way too much to drink! We ended up getting a taxi back home which was the best taxi ride I ever had! We ended up having the music on full blast and dancing in the taxi. Not to mention the taxi driver was dancing with us! 

Sunday we were so hungover I never even moved from the couch! We just spent the day watching movies such as Love Actually! One of the house mates cooked spaghetti to make us feel better which was good. Looking forward to tomorrow so I can feel normal again!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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