Sunday, 29 December 2013

Thirteen weeks down...

It's finally chrismas!! Can't believe it's here! 

Monday I ended up relaxing during the day and not really doing much! We all ended up deciding to go out on a spontaneous night out which was sooooo much fun! We headed to a reggae evening at the Civic Hotel in the city. I ended up spending the whole evening dancing!!! 

Tuesday we ended up getting all the food prepped ready for Xmas day. We ended up going to three different food shops! In the eve we watched lawless altogether and then headed to bed.

Wednesday I got up at 8.30 and put the turkey in. I ended up not reading the instructions and thought it had to be defrosted 48 hours before so I totally panicked and then realised it didnt need to be defrosted! Slight over reaction! The dinner went well considering I was cooking for 10 people which definitely tested my cooking skills! We spent the rest of the day getting drunk although we started at 12 am so by the time it got too 9 pm I was knackered!! We were originally planning to go to Bondi but the weather was sooo bad we couldn't which was typical! 

Boxing Day was spent recovering on the beach as it was finally sunny so we headed to Bondi to get our tan on! 

Friday me and the roomie met up with a friend and had a pub lunch in the rocks, I had chicken parmigiana which is becoming my favourite Aussie dish!! We then headed to do some retail therapy in the sales although I didn't really find anything I wanted! 

We then headed to the IMAX cinema to watch The Hobbit, the screen was huge!!! The movie was great too, although, it left on a cliff hanger so now I'm gonna have to wait ages for the next one! 

Saturday we headed to Bondi again to do some more sun bathing! Once we headed back I decided to go for a run and watch the sunset over the Sydney harbour bridge which was one of the most beautiful things I have seen in a long time! Makes me want to run more which is a bonus!!! 

Once I came back from my run we decided to go out so we started to drink! We ended up drinking sooo much that we didn't even manage to leave the apartment! 

On Sunday we were absolutely hanging so we spent the day in the apartment trying to recover!!!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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