Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fourteen weeks down....

Seriously can't believe another year has gone by! I have to say this year has been pretty amazing!

With my last job I got to travel all over the world including two months for free in Australia. I also got promoted to co-ordinator while I was there, which was one of my main goals! 

Ohhh and most of all I did something crazy and decided to move to Australia! Still can't believe I'm here! 

This week we have mostly been beaching it at Bondi as usual! 

Monday eve I headed to salsa, which was packed again seriously I can't cope with it being sooo busy! 

New Year's Eve we just relaxed and got ready for the party. I thought we wouldn't have many people show up but we ended up having over 80 people and had to stop letting people in! It was manic! 

The house party was pretty packed. I ended up worrying about the apartment that I couldn't let myself enjoy it! Typical!

I should tell you I did end up getting a New Years kiss, although, he ended up being an idiot! Again Typical...

I've decided my New Year Resolutions are as follows.... 

1. If I'm not happy with my body then do something about it rather than moaning about it!
2. Be more heathy after all my body is a temple.

3. Make the most of Australia while I'm here! I have to admit I'm currently getting in a little bit of a rut! I have been way to comfy living in the apartment. This year up early and making the most of everyday!

4. Go to at least 3 different countries this year.

5. Start a new style of dancing.

6. Start Bikram yoga... I would like to be a bit more flexible! 

Hopefully I mange to stick to these... Although it never happens... 

New Year's Day we ended up cleaning the whole house it was a proper state but luckily nothing was ruined! One of the housemates cooked for us all so we all had dinner and a movie together! Even had my first taste of salmon it was actually good! 

Thursday we just headed into town to do a bit of shopping, although, I didn't buy anything! Are you impressed?! 

Friday we didn't do much in the day so we decided to go on a night out instead, however, we got ready and started to pre drink and then ended up staying in and just dancing around like maniacs till 3 am in the morning! 

Saturday we decided to go to Seven Shilings Beach which we couldn't find to start off with and ended up having to take two taxis but once we ended up getting there it was soo good! 

Saturday night we all ended up going out to Kings Cross and went to a bar called Hugo's which was pretty cool bar.

Sunday we ended up staying in bed all day! Didn't even move! We all headed to an Italian restaurant in Surrey Hills for dinner in the eve I had the biggest Calzoni. We then headed for ice cream on the way home. 

Once we got back I spent the rest of the eve getting ready for work! Can't believe the two weeks off it over!! Back to reality...

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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