Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fifteen weeks down...

Trying to decide what to do and where to go in Australia is much harder than expected! Especially when you are working 9-5 Monday to Friday it certainly limits your options! 

Monday was the dreaded return back to work... Actually it wasn't as bad as I though it would be and the week went really quickly so it wasn't too bad! Even got a free lunch on Friday with a Pizza Hut delivery and a pavlova birthday cake. Not helping the weight loss though...

During the week I tried to go running after work which only happened twice but it certainly is an enjoyable run with picturesque views.   

On Friday after work me and the roomie headed to Sydney festival at Hyde park which was very pretty. It also help to wined down with a glass of strawberry cider. 

One of the stalls was Messina which is an ice cream shops they decided to use a carnival theme so they turned the hot dog and a Wiener into an ice cream version! They were sooo yummy and such a clever idea! 

On Saturday we headed to Bondi to do the cliff walk and headed to Tamarama and Bronte beach which were both lovely. I ended up burning my face! Typical! 

Saturday eve we had the girls come round and ended up drinking and playing games. I ended up drinking way too much! Oops! We headed into Kings Cross and went to Hugo's. We ended up coming back and all the housemates were up and a few friends were here too so the party carried on!

As it was 5 am in the morning the girls in England were up so I ended up skyping them which was soooo good to speak to them, although, it really made me miss home! I hate missing out on things! 

Sunday as you can imagine was a write off! We ended up making homemade milk shakes and one of the housemates cooked us spaghetti carbonara! Perfect cure for a hangover!  

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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