Saturday, 18 January 2014

Sixteen weeks down...

This week I have been pretty poor... 

After not working for two weeks I had all of $15.00 for the week! So I skipped salsa again this week and did absolutely no exercise which is very bad! 

Work was pretty uneventful and quite dull. The only thing that gets me through, is that at lunch time I can sunbath, if only I could do that in England! For lunch I have sushi and a boost Juice which contains celery, cucumber, Spinich, grapes and oranges. It's soooo good, im slightly addicted! 

Tuesday eve me and a few housemates headed to Soda Factory in Surrey Hills for $2 hotdogs. We then decide to do a bit of a food crawl around Surrey Hills.

We went to Cafe Lounge in Surrey hills for $3 pizzas, the decor was so random and very cool. 

Then headed to RivaReno Gelato which was also in Surrey Hills for some ice cream which was yummy but not as good as Messina! 

Friday eve me and the roommates headed to the Tilbery for after work drinks which was really lovely and chilled. We should really do that more often! 

Saturday we headed to Bondi and sunbathed till 2pm. We headed to Bucket List on the promenade, with some friends to have some food and lots of wine.

We ended up spending most of the day there drinking! We headed back to the beach at about 5 pm. Some of the girls headed to the bottle shop for a few more bottles of wine. We pretty much downed them on the beach while enjoying the sunset. We then headed back to our apartment for Thai food. It really was the perfect Aussie day! 

Sunday we ended up doing nothing!! I ended up spending way too much... no saving this week! Typical...

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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