Sunday, 26 January 2014

Seventeen weeks down...

This week the weather in Sydney has been terrible! It definitely limited my options on what to do. It also makes me want to stay in and hibernate! 

On Tuesday after I got home from work I did manage to force myself to go for a run. The weather was rubbish, but, as you can see it's still a pretty amazing view.

Thursday we headed to Jamie's Italian restaurant on Pitt Street. It has amazing food but the two hour wait was exhausting! The mojito's were delicious and went straight too my head! I was tipsy before I even started eating. I would definitely recommended prebooking. 

Saturday I woke up and went for a run round the Botenical Gardens, I still pinch myself eveytimes, its just so beautiful.

I then met up with the boys and played basket ball and tennis. We have tennis and basketball courts next to our apartment, which we should use more often. I was terrible at basketball. No going pro for me! 

The roomie and I decided to walk over the harbour bridge to Milsons Point. The weather was still pretty cloudy but the views were incredible. 

We stopped at a fish and chip shop in Milsons Point. The fish was so fresh and tasted sooo good. I even had a cheeky strawberry milkshake too which was huge! 

We walked to Luna Park which is just by the Harbour Bridge in Milsons Point. Luna Park is pretty fun for children, it works out quite expensive as you have to pay for each ride but it's fun to have a look around at night. There is even a bar there for adults! 

We also got some great views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

Sunday was Australia Day here so we decided to fully embrace being an Australian (for the year anyway!). 

In the morning we headed to Bondi to see the Havaianas thong challenge where thousands of people turned up to take part in the world record for the most amount of thongs in the sea! This year it was orange thongs. Everywhere I looked there was an orange thong! Definitely worth seeing! 

We headed back into the city to meet up with the boys. We headed through the Botenical Gardens to The Rocks for a bar crawl. We had to stop by the Opera House to show the Aussies our appreciation! We even got Aussie flag tattoos (don't panic there temporary) on our faces and bodies.

There were loads of things to do in The Rocks including a market and musicians playing in the streets.

The first bar we headed to was the Orient Hotel where I drank my weight in cider! Then we headed to an Irish pub. We had a mixture of drinks as they were so cheap, especially for Sydney! We ended it at Bar100 having cocktails and sparkling wine. We also had chips, brownies and Eaton Mess which were all amazing! 

We headed to the Botenical Gardens, to the classical concert which was packed with people! The concert had an amazing orchestra playing, it was fascinating to watch how in time they all were.

We then headed back to the apartment and had a few more drinks including my housemates famous strawberry mojito which is sooo good! While we were at the apartment we got to see the fireworks from the Botenical Gardens.

We decide to go out and headed to Back Door in Kings Cross. Once we arrived they announced it would be $65.00 to get in which is crazy! So we headed to Shake Shake which was free entrance. It was pretty quiet inside but the music was good so we just danced the night away! 

Overall a pretty good week! Even looking forward to Monday as I have a day off. So that means a four day week! Yeahhhh! 

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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