Monday, 2 December 2013

Ninth week down...

This week has been full of suprises but most of all I released that wine has become my new friend! 

I seem to be drining a little too much this week! It's very easy to get relaxed in a city that's always socialising! 

Monday I went back to salsa after missing a few weeks. I seem to have to force myself to go but once I'm there I love every minute! 

Tuesday we headed to the Soda Factory in Surrey Hills which was amazing I've never seen a place so busy! It was mostly because it was two dollar hot dogs which definitely brought the boys in!  There was also live music which was really good, made me realise how much I love it. I really need to go to some more Live music venues. 

Wednesday was a quite night in which was good because Thursday ended up being a very heavy night! I was planning on going to a kick boxing class at the gym but then got talked into going for drinks with the work lot as one of them ones leaving. We went to the firehouse, in North 
Sydney, which seems to be my local haunt! One of the work guys bought me two bottles of wine so as you can image I got pretty drunk! Me and a few of the guys headed to the Ivy which was really good fun! A few guys were too drunk and got kicked out and few left to go home to the family. So me and two work mates were left and I still kept drinking!!! We finally decided to leave but I have no idea what time it was!! 

Friday morning and I really did not want to wake up! I walked to work and was definitely still drunk which was soooo bad! I spent the whole day at work trying not to vom!! Serves me right!!!

After work I thought I should just go to bed but no!!! I ended up going to the pub with some friends instead! We headed to the Norfork, in Surrey Hills for a drink and then ended up at Strawberry Hills for food which was really good.

Saturday I didn't even get out of bed till midday! Once we evently got up we headed to Bondi Juction for some retail therapy. I spent alot! I decided to buy myself an early Xmas prezzie which was an iPad! We headed back to the flat to have a movie evening. 

Sunday we headed into Sydney to buy some hair dye as I'm gonna go brunette again! The rest of the eve was spent soaking up the sun on the balcony which was amazing! Definitely a good way to spend the week!  

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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