Monday, 3 February 2014

Eighteen weeks down...

This week has been a busy one, with only a four day work week it's gone super fast! 

I spent the morning sleeping off my hangover from Sunday! Then headed to the Botanical Gardens to read a book and sunbathe in the gorgeous weather! Finally some good weather.

Monday evening I headed to salsa at Bar100 which was so packed they had two floors. I love it so much but I wanted to do more than the class. So on Thursday I headed to Jam Gallery at Bondi Junction and auditioned to join a performing team. It was a really cool venue and had a live band. I even managed to get into the performance team! I start training two weeks so watch this space... 

Friday we headed to Canberra for the weekend. We used the Greyhound bus to take us there which was a 4 hour drive. I pretty much slept all the way. 

We arrived in Canberra and headed to Clifton Suites where we had an apartment which was lovely.

We stayed with a friend who bought us a bottle of champagne to help us settle in! 

On Saturday morning we headed to Cream for breakie where I had a smoothe and Eggs Benedict which was yummy!

The roomie and I went off to do the typical touristy thing and walked around Canberra. It was pretty tough walking around in 35 degree heat and we walked over 5 miles around the city.

We headed to the National Gallery. The main gallery is free of charge, however, they charge for the exhibitions so we just had a look at the main gallery. My favourite bit was the roof! It was pretty cool! We then headed to both old and new parliament buildings (I prefer the old one it looks very Spanish). The War Memorial was my favourite bit it was beautiful and the museum was really interesting. 

Of course as we were in a new place we headed to the shops too. I even managed to get a little black dress from Zara. (See below) 

Saturday eve we had pre drinks at the apartment and headed to a few bars. We started off at shorties which was pretty chilled and relaxed. We then headed to O’Malley’s (typical Irish bar) where we meet some of the rugby guys (:D). Then ended the evening at mooseheads dancing away!

Sunday we were all feeling very rough! So we walked straight to the greyhound bus and caught an early bus home so we could get back ASAP! 

Once we arrived back in Sydney we headed to home to relax and recuperate. 

It was the Chinese New Year Parade so we headed into the city to watch it that evening. It was massively packed out and very hard to find a good position but definitely worth it.

Next week I'm going to try and save a bit and only spend my evenings exercising! 

I hope you guys had a good week too.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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