Monday, 10 March 2014

Twenty three weeks down..

This week has been pretty fun and even ended up being very sunburned!

Monday I headed to a Latin Junction dance class in town, to learn how to dance On2. I don't think I really got it but at least I had a go! After dance class I met up with the choreography team to have a practice with them which was sooo much fun! They are all sooo lovely. 

Monday eve we had a really bad storm but there were some super cool pictures from it! 

Tuesday I went with my roommate to pick up her family at the airport which was really emotional. It's sad that my parents can't come out and visit but it's nice to be around her family if I can't have mine! 

Wednesday we had a roommate and family meal with everyone. It was so nice to meet rich and cats parents. 

Thursday was dance practice it was really good to start putting the formations together. Check it out... 

Friday I completely crashed! I couldn't do anything, I was sooo tired! 

Saturday we went to breakfast at Boy Carlton swimming pool with cat's family. I had eggs Benedict and a smoothie which was sooo good. 

We then headed to Circular Quay and went on the ferry to Darling Harbour. It was pretty cool to be on a boat again. Once we arrived we headed to Cyren and had a cider while people watching.

We then headed to N2 which does amazing ice cream made by nitrogen gas. It was pretty cool to watch them make it and it even had a syringe full on peanut butter sauce! Yummy!!!

We headed to Sydney Tower in Westfield's Shopping Centre. The 360 view of the city was stunning. We even spotted our place.

We then headed back home to a house party at ours. A friend of my roommates hired our apartment for the evening for a birthday party. It was fun we had a chef come in and provide a buffet and a guy singing with his guitar. A few of the partygoers were dancing salsa!

After the party we headed into King Cross to Goldfish. It was ok we headed in there chatted a bit and then headed back to the apartments as everyone's was just too drunk!!!

Sunday we headed to Palm Beach which was amazing! I remember watching Home and Away as a child and dreaming of going there. It was therefore sooo crazy to be there! We did some sunbathing and at this point I completely burnt myself! Oops! 

We then headed to the boathouse which was stunning. I had fish and chips which were massive but amazing.

I hope you guys had an amazing weekend too?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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