Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Thirty three weeks down...

This week has been pretty hectic and all the while surviving on $20 until pay day which wasn't until Thursday, so I managed to do well!

On Monday I decided to miss salsa as I only had $20.00 dollars left for the week.

Tuesday after work some of the housemates and I went to the Passage in Darlinghurst. It has 50% off and $10 cocktails on Tuesdays so we ordered various plates and split them between us. The food was amazing there, especially, the Arancini and Parmesan and Truffle Chips were to die for!!


Wednesday after work I went out with one of the housemates who works at wicked travel/Indie travel. We started at Indie travel where there was free goon (very cheap wine!), and played games (well I watched!) such as manikins where people had to dress the 'manikin' with their clothes, basically, a game to get everyone to take their clothes off! 

We then headed to Lguana Bar where they have $3 drinks, free pizza and prize draws. It was brilliant they played lots of RnB and hip hop so everyone was dancing away. I ended up getting to bed at 2am which made getting up for work very hard!

On Thursday after work I headed to my friends 30th Birthday dinner at AKIs Indian restaurant. It was great to have all the housemates there. I'm not partially a fan of Indian food but it was tasty but a little too rich, I had buttered chicken with rice. The restaurant itself is in a perfect location and had a great view of the wharf, even if it was a bit pricey.

On Friday we had one of our housemates leaving do so we had a house party at ours. I really wasn't in the mood for it at all but it turned out to be a great night.


Saturday we ended up getting up at lunch time! The weather was sooo nice and really hot, even though, it's almost Winter (very weird!!). Some of the housemates and I sat on the balcony drinking wine and sunbathing.

We then decided to head to Baia in Darling Harbour for dinner. We had the lunch menu which was steak and chips, sparkling wine and a hot drink all for $20.00. It was really good value and the food was perfect for a hangover cure!

On Sunday we went to brunch at Sienna Marina Brasserie, I had eggs benedict and a strawberry milkshake. I have to admit that I didn't think the food was very good especially as it was pretty expensive for what I had.

I then headed to dance training in the evening. I thought I might be rusty after missing two classes but surprisingly I could remember most of it!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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