Monday, 5 May 2014

Thirty one weeks down...

This week has been emotional to say the least! At the start of the week I was dreading the thought of my birthday and being away from my family and friends. This completely changed by the weekend when I realised that I do have my family here my Aussie family (housemates). They made a big effort, especially my roommate, to make sure I had a great time which was much appreciated.

At the start of the week I tried to have a few chilled nights as I was planning on having a big weekend. 

Wednesday I had a private lesson with my dance teacher and my dance partner. It was a chance to get a one to one and correct the parts of the dance we were struggling with. I also received my dance shoes for the performance. It's now getting very real! Only two months to go...

Thursday was another performance training session, where we learnt the last bit of styling for the first part of the dance. Check it out...

Friday after work me and the roomie went to our friend's apartment for drinks and then headed out to Marquee in The Star Casino. It was a really good night apart from one girl who really didn't like us hanging around with the guys! (Sorry about the bad quality photos!)

When we were there we also saw Redfoo who was currently filming X factor at the Star.


Saturday the housemates and I headed into Westfield Shopping Centre for some Italian food which was yummy, I had Arancini balls. The roommate and I did a bit of retail therapy afterwards. I ended up buying shoes and my birthday dress.

We headed back to ours so I could get ready for the party. I was worried that not many people would turn up as I ended up planning the party so late in advance. Lucky lots of people came and we had a great night playing beer pong and drinking games. I ended up getting a little bit too drunk! oops! We then headed to a bar in Kings Cross for a few drinks before coming back and passing out!

On Sunday the roommate brought me birthday toast!

The housemates also bought me some presents to open too including a gift voucher for Pandora.

We then all headed to Darling Harbour to I'm Angus Steakhouse where we had a lovely meal together. The food there was sooo good. I had lasagne and a strawberry mojito.


We then headed to the Blackbird for happy hour and a few more cocktails...

It ended up turning sooo cold so on the way home we stopped in at Westfields and I bought myself a coat. 

Keeping you updated.

Sarah x

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