Friday, 12 September 2014

Forty eight weeks down...

This week was my last week living in Sydney, I really don't understand where the time has gone?! I have had one of the best years of my life so far and it has just spurred me on to do more and more travelling. It's been amazing feeling so welcomed in Australia a place that's not my native home but it truly feels like home now thanks to the amazing people I've met and places I had the opportunity to go to. 

Monday was my last ever salsa night in Sydney, so I met up with a few of my salsa performance team mates and made the most of our last night together at Bar100. 

Wednesday I went for tea to the local Pub Called the Old Fitzroy Hotel. The pub itself is an unpretentious watering hole filled with 1970's decor. I had the satay chicken with rice which was delightful, although, it was rich in spices so I had to have a lot of water! 

Thursday I met up with a few of my colleagues and headed to The Buffalo Dinning club which is famous for its gigantic parmesan wheel filled with cacio e pepe, the classic Roman pasta dish of spaghetti tossed with olive oil, pecorino cheese and pepper. It’s a dish that exemplifies simple and delicious.  As well as having their famous pasta dish, for a starter we had buffalo mozzarella with cured meat which was sensational. The Buffalo dinning club is first come first serve with no reservation possible so be prepared to wait. 

Friday was my last day of work which I was extremely happy about! My boss gave me some money and a bottle of Mo√ęt which was very kind of him.

After work the roomie and I met up with an old roommate and headed to The Italian Bar. The typical family owned Italian restaurant provides rich authentic Italian taste infused with a combination of eye-catching colours and an authentic Italian design. We had a side of Polenta & Funghi which consists of oven baked polenta chips, sauted swiss brown mushrooms & thyme. For main we shared a Prosciutto & Rucola pizza which is tomato, Fiore Di Latte mozzarella, Parma ham & fresh rocket. We also could not go to an Italian restaurant and not order the Caprese which has Beef tomato, Mozzarella Di bufala, basil with extra virgin olive oil & reduced aceto balsamico di Modena. For pudding we had one of their homemade cakes which melted in your mouth, along with a few traditional Italian alcoholic shots...

We then headed to Coco Cubano on Oxford Street for cocktails. I had a mojito which went down way too easy.  The venue is a great spot for food, although, I have yet to go therefore breakfast but I hear they do a mean hot chocolate!

Afterwards we decided to go to another bar on Oxford Street called Hello Sailor. This nautical-themed bar was really cool it consist of ropes, wooden embellishments and sailing paraphernalia as far as the eye can see. If you go make sure you try their signature Pina Colada cocktail.

We then got talked into going to the Star Bar on George Street which was full of backpackers. We didn't stay too long and headed home as there were a lot of creepy guys. 

On Saturday we headed to Paddington to visit the markets, the weather was appalling but this still didn't stop us from having a look around to see if we could spot some bargains. I didn't buy anything but my roomie managed to buy quite a bit.

We had breakfast as one of my favourite brunch spots called Ampersand Cafe & Bookstore in Paddington. Not only is the food amazing but it's also a bookshop. You can have your food served while you read some of their selection of classic fiction to non-fiction to the complete random!

That night we had our final leaving House party. The party wasn't as good as last weeks, especially, as I ended up staying in to make sure my roomie was ok and she drank way too much.

Sunday I woke up not feeling too fresh but I had brunch at John Montagu in Woolloomooloo. They do a drink called witches brew which has lemon, honey, anticol which is perfect for those who are suffering with a cold.

In the evening we had a walk around Circular Quay harbour. The view still and always will be incredible.

We headed to The Argyle in The Rocks for dinner which was steak and chips which was delicious.

On Monday as it was my last day my roomie and I caught the ferry to Balmain for brunch which was lovely. We headed to a place called La Cafeier.

After catching the ferry back from Circular Quay we changed ferry to head to Mosman which is not only well known for having the most expensive real estate in Sydney but also for its National park. 

We headed for a walk around the park and took in all the views of Sydney's sky line. 

We then ended up in Belmoral which was a fantastic accident as it was beautiful. It also had The Boathouse restaurant made famous in Palm Beach for its brunch menu.  

After a very exhausting week I spent the rest of the evening packing all my stuff and make sure I was ready for my next adventure which is Bali. I didn't realise what a hoarder I am after only 1 year in Australia it's amazing what I have managed to collect along the way...

Stay tuned to hear how I get on in Bali. 

Keeping you posted.