Sunday, 17 November 2013

Seven weeks down…

The weather this week has been ridiculously bad, to put it nicely!! Especially as I have only packed summer clothes and nothing else so I have been really unprepared! Monday morning it was tipping it down and as I dressed for the weather in a dress and flip flops I was well prepared for the torrential rain. I had to stop to buy an umbrella and new shoes and turned up at work looking like a drowned rat! I decided to skip salsa this week as it was sooo horrible, I just wanted to get into bed and hide under my blankets!

At work on Tuesday one of the roomies came to work at my job for the day so we went for lunch at the Firehouse in North Sydney where I had a delicious salad which was pumpkin and haloumi.
After work I met up with the roomies and headed to the cinema for half price cinema tickets where we watched the councillor which I didn’t think was very good. 

Wednesday after work one of the roomies and I went to have a look at an apartment which was in an amazing location and was huge!! Although they have had many people interested in moving in, so we are just waiting to hear whether they want us to move in.

After the viewing we headed to an Italian restaurant which was pretty expensive but it was on the waterfront which was amazing. We shared a bottle of wine and ate a salad and a chocolate fondant pudding which was amazing, although it cost me $70.00 it was worth every penny :)

We took a night time stroll and had a look at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the other side of the river.

Friday I met up with the roomie to view another apartment which was horrendous!! It was a tiny apartment and the room just had a mattress instead of a proper bed. There were even people living in the living room so I can safely say I will not be living there!! 

Saturday we headed to The Rocks to have a look at the market stalls and the headed to Newtown to have a look around. It was pretty hippy and had loads of vintage shops. 

Saturday evening we got all dressed up and headed to Kings Cross where we went to a club called Soho. We managed to get in for free and have a free drink as one of the guys got us in. We spent a while dancing and even had a few tequila shots! Ohh and some random guy spent the evening trying to convince us he was famous and was on Home and Away.

The roomie and I then headed to a friend’s house where there was a house party in Surrey Hills. His apartment was stunning! Everyone we met was really lovely.

Sunday we were pretty hung over so decided to find a place that did roast dinner in the city. We ended up finding a pub called Bat and Ball it was pretty cool décor and very English. We ended up walking there and back in the rain which took forever so we got pretty much drenched!! I really didn’t handle walking very well as I went to the gym the day before so my muscles were aching and my feet hurt sooo much from wearing heels the night before.

Although the weather has been pretty much rubbish this week we have been trying sooo hard to make the most of the bad weather and I hear next week is gonna be the same….
Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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