Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fifth week down…

The start of the week has been a little less hectic than how it has ended! Monday was the usual work than salsa, which is still amazing!! I can’t get over how good the guys are soo much better than what I was accustomed too in England.

Thursday we decided to meet up at the Opera Bar at Circular Quay, which was in a Beautiful setting and nothing better than having a glass of bubbly after work. I didn’t eat much so it went straight to my head!!

After we headed to the Rocks to try and find a place to eat. We ended up going to a place called Pony’s which was pretty posh! I had a lovely steak which came with crisps so we had to order some chips to go with it! 

Friday I went for lunch with the work lot which was nice to get to know some of the other work colleagues.  It was so nice to have a drink at lunch time too! I still can’t get over how causal they are here.

After work I met up with the roomie and met some of her work friends. We ended up drinking a lot of sparkling wine!!  We headed to a dive bar somewhere… it was fun just to chat and have a dance. I even have a memory of dancing with a Stanger who was dipping me… very strictly come dancing!!  I was pretty wasted by then!! We headed to the construction site where they worked and drank more wine from their office. I felt like a 16 year old drinking from a bottle and hanging at the park! We ended up sneaking into one of the apartments to have a look around. The guys were showing us what they had built, which was pretty impressive as it was a massive skyscraper!! 

Saturday we were hanging sooooo badly I barely made it out of bed! We ended up just chilling and then headed off to the cinema to see The Butler which was an amazing film. We then headed for dinner at a local restaurant where you can sit outside and watch passers-by. I ended up having a Mango Daiquiri which was amazing, nothing like the hair of the dog…

Sunday we headed to China town to have a look around and also headed to Market City to have a look at the markets which weren’t that good (lots of tat!) 

Afterwards we headed to the Opera House and went to sit in the sun at a Chocolate shop called Guylian which was very yummy!!

After a very busy week I am going to try and have a little less fun next week… I have pretty much spent a fortune on alcohol and food…. I’m now ten pounds heavier!!!

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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