Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fourth week down…

Monday after work I headed to Circular Quays and met my roomie Cat for pancakes. We have all gotten obsessed with Pancake on the Rocks!!

After pancakes I headed to Bar100 to a salsa class which started at 8pm for the advance class. I was waiting around for a bit! The class was sooooo much better than last week it was actually hard!! Finally a chance to learn a few different moves and get better! They have a social after the class which was good as well. The only issue is that I couldn’t stay too long as I had work the next day.

Tuesday was netball with the work lot where we lost 21 to 3! OUCH!! The teams are sooo good or we are just really shit! Not sure which one!!

Thursday after work I meet up with a friend who I met while travelling last time around Australia which was fun to catch up. We went to Cyren which was really lovely, but very expensive!! The restaurant was overlooking the harbour. 

 Afterwards I headed to the Noodle market at Hyde Park and had a look around. It was covered in Chinese lanterns which looked amazing!!

Friday I was meant to go out for drinks, but I had a ridiculous migraine instead : ( so I spent most of the evening in bed!

Saturday was spent shopping in Sydney where I managed to spend quite a bit of money!!  Me and my roomie headed to Darling Harbour for a glass of wine and some lunch at an italian resturant which was lovely. We headed back to the accommodation to get ready for all of us going out. 

After many hours of getting ready we pre-drank in the room and played drinking games such as beer pong. We then headed to Bungalow 8 which was good but full of very weird men!! 

Bit drunk here... haha
Sunday was spent hungover!! I didn’t even move out of my bed the whole day!!!!!! (my roomies will kill me for taking these photos but I had to show you guys!!)

Keeping you posted : )

 Sarah x

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