Monday, 14 October 2013

Second week down…

As we were out Sunday evening we were all feeling pretty worst for wear, so we spent most of Monday sunbathing and sleeping which was amazing not to have to do anything!!

I had an interview on Tuesday with a recruitment agency called AA Recruitment at 1pm, so we all decided to head to Pancakes on the Rocks located at the rocks, for some brunch. The food was soooo good definitely put me on top form for my interview!

I managed to get two interviews for the next day : ) I then met up with the rest of the group and wondered around Darling Harbour which was beautiful in the sun.

On Wednesday I went to Market Street for my first interview which was at a law firm and the job was for a Legal Secretary. As soon as I arrived I realised it was a Chinese law firm. The only issue is that I cannot speak Chinese!! I was offered the job beating another girl that also applied. Although I did turn it down because they were speaking Chinese in front of me which I didn’t understand! The director that I would be working closely with could barely speak English. So the job was not meant to be. I then had another interview in North Sydney as a Contract assistant for a travel company. I turned up and immediately knew I wanted to work there! Everyone is lovely and the team I’m working with are all my age. They offered me the job and asked me to work the next day. I then meet up with the roomies at the Town Hall and did a bit of retail therapy to celebrate. BIG mistake going into MAC...!!!! 

Thursday was the first day of my new job! I had to get up at 6.30am to get there for 9am which was bloody hard to get up! Trying to get ready in the dark with four other roommates was the biggest challenge of the day! 

I spent the day learning the ropes which wasn't too bad. At lunch time I popped down to the basement which is a food court. It has every kind of food you can imagine so I don’t expect to eat very healthfully now! Once work had finished I headed back home trying desperately not to fall asleep on the train!!

On Friday it was work as usual which was fun. The office is sooo relaxed I love that you can listen to music and go on Facebook!! We even had wine in the last hour which was amazing!!

The girls invited me out for drinks at the Firehouse in North Sydney which was lovely. It gave me a chance to get to know them. It almost made me feel like an Australian!!

Saturday was spent shopping again… yes I am keeping up with my bad habit! 

That night we all went out to Cargos again, however, it wasn’t as good as last Saturday as it was race day so it was full of oldies! We then decided to hit the Star Casino where I managed to win $35.00 on roulette! I am definitely on a lucky streak!! We then had to run through the streets of Sydney to get the last train back to our accommodation so we all ended up being sweaty messes in the end!!

Sunday was spent sunbathing even got my first tan line : ) I then ended up going to Thai in a box in Burwood (again!!), I even decided to try the coconut which was horrible!!

Successful week if you ask me…

Keeping you posted.
Sarah x

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