Sunday, 20 April 2014

Twenty nine weeks down...

This week was a breath of fresh air compared to last week! The weather has been soo much better than last week. It's reminded me why I fell in love with Sydney in the first place!

Monday I opted to skip salsa and chill in the apartment. So on Tuesday I decided to head to Soda Factory in Surry Hills for $2.00 hot dogs and cider with the roomies.


I went to dance practice as usual on Thursday, although, my dance partner couldn't make it. It was pretty awkward to start off with but I danced with another guy and practiced the lifts with him instead. Check it out...

Afterwards I came back and headed to the Ivy but we ended up queuing for over an hour so we gave up and went home! 

Friday the roomies and I headed to Taronga Zoo which was incredible. I don't usually like zoos but this one was sooo good and the views were stunning. 

Friday evening we headed to Darling Harbour and went on a booze cruise along the harbour. It was so much fun we spent the evening dancing away with the most amazing views.

Saturday I headed to the Botanical gardens where the roomate and I made the most of the sun. 

We then headed back to get ready for a night out. We had pre-drinks then met a few friends at the opera bar for drinks which was good fun. I don't think I will ever get use to the views there.

Afterwards we went to the Argle in the rocks, which was a good laugh, especially as most of the housemates were out.

Sunday was spent on the couch nursing my head after three days of drinking! 

Keeping you updated.

Sarah x 

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