Sunday, 6 April 2014

Twenty seven weeks down...

This week has been all about, out with the old and in with the new...

Monday was my last day at helloworld. It was pretty sad to say goodbye to everyone. I can't get over how fast my 6 months there has gone. 

I had my leaving lunch at Big Stone in North Sydney. The restaurant has quickly become one of my go to places for lunch. I love that it's so different and the Japanese Tapas is delicious. The pumpkin soup is also amazing and I had to of course enjoy it with red wine sangria.

The guys at work kindly gave me flowers, which were beautiful and the girls gave me a bottle of champagne which was really sweet of them.

 After work the girls and I headed to the Firehouse for one last after work drinking session.

Tuesday was the start of my new job which was pretty nerve racking. My colleagues are all a lot older than me, but everyone seems really lovely. I think the job won't be very difficult to start off with but hopefully down the line it will get a lot more challenging. After work I was so tired I just went to bed! 

Wednesday after work I decided to go for a run. I seriously love the views while I run, it makes it so much more enjoyable.

On Thursday after work I headed to Salsa performance training. We were learning the women's styling. I found it hard to get straight away but I did manage to get it in the end! Check out some of the ladies styling for yourselves...


Friday at work I organised a BBQ for the staff, it was a really good chance to get to know everyone. 

After work I headed to Treehouse in North Sydney to meet up with some of the work lot from my previous job. It was such a cool bar and pretty packed. It was lovely to catch up with everyone.

Saturday my housemates and I headed to La Buvette for brunch which was delightful. I had a passion fruit smoothie with Eggs Benedict. I will definitely be going back again, not only was the food great but they also had some cute waiters!

Saturday eve we all had pre-drinks at ours and played some drinking games. We then headed out with the new roommate to her friends house party where we played even more drinking games. Safe to say I was very drunk at this point! oops! We then headed to Cargo Lounge to dance the rest of the night away!

Sunday I was feeling pretty hungover and didn't really do very much at all, however, I did get to Skype my best friend. It was great to catch up, although, it did leave me feeling a little home sick...

Hope you guys have had a good week too.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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