Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Thirty seven weeks down...

A is for Australia!! I have to mention that this time last year I was preparing for the lions tour which is crazy how time flies! I certainly didn't think my trip to Australia would lead me to live here for a year.

This week I've tried to eat healthy and avoid drinking which at the start of the week went well but as usual I failed...

On Wednesday night I went for a run around the Botanical Gardens with some of the housemates. After not running for a while it was good to see I wasn't completely unfit. 

Thursday was dance training. As we have new dancers we are going through the chorography all over again breaking it all down for them so they can pick it up. I have to admit I don't think we are ready at all and we have less than a month left.... Oh crap.... Check out our spinning drills...


Friday evening everyone just chilled out at the apartment and watched TV. I think it's my first Friday that I have stayed in, in a while! 

Saturday I woke up at lunch time and headed out for a run. It was a stunning winter's day and the views were amazing around the Opera House. 

Saturday evening I was planning on staying in again as the rugby was on. Me and the roomie watched New Zealand v England which was a very close match. Unfortunately, England lost by one point.

We then decided to head to a rugby bar to watch Australia v France. We went to a place called The Harlequin Inn in Pyrmont. The drinks were sooo cheap and the atmosphere was like a traditional English pub. 

After the match we decided to go to The Star Casino. The guys we were with bought us cocktails all night and before we knew it, it was 4 am! 

On Sunday I was feeling slightly worse for wear so I stayed on the couch all day! It wasn't too bad as we had a few visitors drop by to see us and hang out. Not only did our friends drop by but we also had other visitors stopping by... this came in the form of a cockatoo. We have loads of them stop by and sit on our window ledges. I have to admitt they are kinda cute really!! I thought I would also share with you guys the amazing sunsets we have been having here as they really are stunning!

Keeping you posted. 

Sarah x 

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