Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Thirty six weeks down...

This week has been super fun. We have had lots of visitors staying at our apartment. 11 people is quite a lot in the apartment but they have all been really lovely so its been a really good laugh.

Monday I decided to skip salsa as I needed to get myself ready for the races the next day. 

On Tuesday I put on my new dress which is from Oxford clothing (see below) and headed to the races with my co-workers. It was a pretty fun day. I got to have lots of champagne and a four course meal for free! I ended up making the bets for our table and I managed to win them $50 dollars, although, we lost around $150!! I think my betting days are over... 

Afterwards, I headed to the passage in Darlinghurst with some of my roommates as it was 50% off the bill. I have a feeling that this is going to be my go to restaurant as the food is amazing!

Wednesday night I was so tired I decided to stay in, however, my roommates went out so I was woken up in the early hours. I headed to work on Thursday as usual but it was so tiring and my head started to hurt so I decided to go home.

Thursday evening I had to go to salsa performance training which was fun but my usual partner wasn't in so I was dancing with another dancer. ALthough, my teacher has changed the ending so I'm no longer doing the lift which was my favourite bit. *sad face*

Friday evening we pre-drank at ours and then headed to Kings Cross Hotel. It was pretty dead so we ended up going to the Stonewall Hotel on Oxford street, which is a gay club. It was entertaining, especially, as everyone just wants to dance like maniacs and of course you could find me dancing in the cage!!


Saturday morning I met up with one of my old work colleges and we walked from Bondi to Maroubra which was about five and a half miles. This is one of the most popular things to do in Sydney as the scenery is very beautiful!


We stopped in Coogee for lunch at Gusto Espresso Bar for brunch. I had a mango smoothie and fruit, yogurt and granola which was delicious.

Saturday evening we headed to a friends house party which was good fun. The theme was Royals so I had an excuse to wear a crown for the night. By the end of it the house was trashed and everyone was pretty hammered!

Sunday morning all of the house mates and guests were all relaxing in the lounge watching movies and eating pizza which was nice to all chill after a hectic night. 

I then went to the hospital with a couple of friends to visit one of the girls from our performance team who was taken ill. It was great to see she was ok, but unfortunately, shes had to pull out of the team which is a great shame after all the months of practice.

Sunday evening we had a few drinks at home and then made our way to the Opera bar before heading to Cargo Lounge in Darling Harbour. It was so much fun dancing away with everyone.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x

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