Thursday, 21 August 2014

Forty Six weeks down...

This week was all about my events with work. This meant lots of early starts and late nights but it was fun creating an exhibition stand for the first time.

On Monday it was still set up day at the exhibition, so we had to put the machines and furniture on the stand. We were finally set up by 8pm.

Tuesday was the start of the event. It was actually pretty boring, especially, as all I did was stand there. Thank god I had my laptop so I could catch up with my blogging during the event.

The Australasian gaming expo did a time lapse video of the event from start to finish. My stand is the one at the front called ecash. Check it out...

After the exhibition I organised a cocktail party at Cargo's. The venue was really cool and modern. I had a few mojitos and sparkling wines which certainly helped me talk to a bunch of randomers! I got to sneak off quite early which was good as I had quite enough of having to speak to creepy old men...

On Wednesday after the expo I headed to the cinema to watch Inbetweeners 2. We thought the cast themselves were at the premier of the movie in another screening room, however, they popped into our screening room to do a quick Q&A session which was pretty cool. I can confirm that are just as funny in real life!

After work on Friday, I headed to Löwenbräu Keller in the rocks to meet a few of my old colleagues from my first job in Oz. This traditional German restaurant is authentic Munich-style, it offers hearty cuisine and quality imported biers in a traditional bier-hall environment. It is pretty pricey but it's worth it as a one off experience. For food we tried the chicken Schnitzel and Oven-Roasted Pork Knuckle Served with Sauerkraut, Löwenbräu Bier Sauce and Mashed Potatoes. The pork was delicious as it just fell off the bone. 

Afterwards we headed to the Argyle for some cocktails. I tried a cocktail called Cherry Blossom which was Divine, although, it was way too easy to drink! We spent the rest of the night in the RnB room singing and dancing to some old school classics. 

On Sunday morning the roomie and I met a friend at the Grounds of Alexandria for brunch. Located in an old pie factory from the early 1900’s, The Grounds of Alexandria is the flagship venue for its specialty coffee.This place really is amazing! It houses a beautiful cafe with a large outdoor garden oasis. So spacious, surrounded by perfectly manicured herb and vegetable gardens, a little kids play area, rustic table settings outside with market stalls of food and drink. The food itself was delightful, I had smashed Avocado on sough dough bread with tomatoes, feta, basil and chilly flakes.

After brunch I headed to the crime museum where I had wanted to go for ages. The entrance fee was $10.00, which was reasonable. It was really interesting, I spent most of my time watching a few short films about mug shots and crime scenes from the 1900's. 

I hope you guys had a good week?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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