Sunday, 3 August 2014

Forty three weeks down...

This weeks post is continuing on from the last couple of posts, so if you've missed them be sure to read part 1 here and part 2 here...

After finally arriving in Adelaide at 1am, we decided to make the most of the Saturday night and go see the nightlife.

The hostel was very quiet and so was outside. I didn't think we would find anywhere open, even if it was a Saturday. We decided to get in a taxi and asked him to take us to the liveliest club in town. We eventually pulled up to Hindley street which was packed with people! It was like walking down a street in Kavos or Magaluf. It was full of drunk people and the girls were wearing almost nothing. I certainly felt my age as I couldn't of worn anymore clothes, I was freezing!! 

We went into the only bar called Dog & Duck, that would let us in at that time. It was a pretty grubby bar and had literally 10 people inside but we decided to make the most of it and dance the night away making it into bed at 7am! 

We woke up at 10am as we had to drop the car back. Afterwards the roomie and I headed into the town centre to explore.

We had a look around the botanical gardens which was pretty, even in autumn. 

We then headed to lunch at Cafe Brunelli which was horrible! It was sooo expensive and the food tasted like it was microwaved. It really wasn't good at all. I was pretty gutted because I loved the Cafe Brunelli in Melbourne.

We then headed to Glenelg which was a 25 min tram ride away. It was a pretty seaside village with lots of lovely coffee shops like Pure Boutique coffee shop, which did a great cup of tea and a brownie!

That night we headed to an Irish pub called P.J O'Brien's for Chicken parmigiana and a cider, which was nice and relaxing as we were all so tired.

The next morning we went to Argo's for brunch which was lovely. After having so much unhealthy food the day before I settled for fruit with yogurt and granola and I had a green smoothie with kale, banana, celery and cucumber to drink. 

We then wondered around town a bit more trying to decide what to do with the little remaining time we had left before our flight. So I ended up getting my rook pierced!

I have to admit there isn't much to do in Adelaide, its a lovely city but, unless you travel outside of Adelaide's city centre to go visit neighbouring villages like Hahndorf or visit the Murray River. It certainly meant that we needed more than a day and a half there.

We caught our flight back from Adelaide to Sydney which was delayed half an hour. Typical! 

We eventually arrived home and I can not tell you how relived I was to be back in the apartment! 

After going back to work I needed a night in to recover ready for Wednesday. It was my housemates birthday so we headed to The Passage for all you can eat sliders and chips for $20, which, was a lot harder than I imagined! I did manage I think about 7 sliders which was pretty good going!!

Friday we decided to stay in and have nachos and wine while watching movies.

Saturday we headed to Chester Whites in Potts Point. The restaurant specialises in cured meats. It's in a house but the decor is very modern. My friends and I shared a meat platter, kale chips and spaghetti carbonara which was mixed together in front of us.  

That night we went to go to Hot Shots in Kings Cross which is a male strip show for my friends birthday, although, it ended up being cancelled.

We then changed our plans and headed to easy go backpackers to see some friends. We pre drank and headed to Home nightclub.

Sunday we got up early so we could head to the aroma festival in The Rocks. It was so incredibly packed because it was such a beautiful winters day. 

The ques were horrendously long but that didn't stop me having rocky road and a mocha with Nutella! 

There we lots of coffee stands and live bands playing. 

Afterwards we caught the ferry from Circlar Quay to Watson Bay.

Once we arrived at Watsons Bay I immediately fell in love with the place. Although it was only a 20 minute ferry ride out of the city it was so quiet and peaceful place with stunning views everywhere you looked.

We walked along the beach and headed up to see the lighthouse.

We the stopped at Doyles for some fish and chips that were highly recommended. 

We headed back on the ferry to circular key and was treated to a spectacular sunset! It really was the perfect day out! 

I hope you guys had a good week?

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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