Thursday, 24 July 2014

Forty two weeks down... part 1...

This week I have split my posts because as you will soon find out I have had a very action packed week, filled with many ups and downs. Most importantly I have learnt a few life lessons along the way, which you will find out after reading this weeks posts!!

Tuesday evening I was meant to have a relaxing night and pack for my trip to Melbourne, which meant waking up at 5am. Instead a few friends came round and we ended up going through about 8 bottles of wine between four of us. Needless to say we all got very drunk and decided it was a good idea to stay awake the whole time instead of going to sleep! 

I can confirm that this wasn't such a good idea...

At 5am I packed whatever I could find and headed to the airport where I had perfect hangover food... McDonalds! I was so tired I managed to sleep through the flight and the coach ride. We eventually made it to Melbourne where we headed to a friend's house. My friend and I were crashing at his place in Fitzroy for a few days. 

We headed to Jaspers-Caffeine for a coffee while we waited for a few other friends to join us. It's a small shop that sells all kinds of coffee but you can also buy hot drinks and sit outside in the courtyard.

Once we met up with everyone else we headed to a Veggie Bar in Fitzroy. It had a great hippy vibe to it and was ridiculously busy! I had a green juice and nachos which were delicious and you get huge portions!

We then headed into the city centre to explore more of Melbourne. We had a look around and I hate to admit it but I did end up going into H&M which was huge, however, I couldn't find any clothes I loved! For those who know me this is quite an achievement! 

We had a look down Hosier Lane which is famous for its graffiti.

We also went down Melbourne's famous laneways where we stopped at little cupcakes and had a coffee and a cupcake.

I then went back to a friend's house to have a sleep and a shower before hitting some bars, however, I ended up staying in and having a Chinese instead!

In the morning we headed back into the city centre. On our way in we stopped off at Cafe Brunelli which is an Italian cafe that sells lots of amazing cakes and chocolates! Of course I had to have a coffee and a cannoli.

The next stop was Victoria Markets, there was loads of nik-naks and we managed to try most of the hats on while we were there! We then stopped off for lunch at a restaurant in the market for some chorizo and rice. 

We then decided to go on the open bus tour which I usually love to do, although, to be honest it wasn't a good tour! There isn't much history or things to see from the road.

Afterwards we headed to Waterfront restaurant on the river. We sat outside and had halloumi and chips which were yummy. Followed by several large glasses of wine.

That evening we headed to the Crown Casino to play a game of bowling and arcade games (of course I was heavily beaten!).

In the evening a friend of mine decided to show us the coolest bars in Melbourne. The first bar was called Fall from Grace. Well the place is actually called State of Grace, however, there is a secret bar in the cellar which is opened by pulling a book realising a trap door. (Sooo cool!) 

The second bar we went to was at The Rooftop on top of Curtin House. It had great views of the city and the drinks were very reasonably priced.

We headed back to our friends place as we had to get up bright and early to get our hire car for the next bit of our trip...

Part two coming soon...

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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