Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Forty weeks down...

This week has been pretty quiet. I'm still trying to save for traveling and prepare for my salsa performance next week, which seems to be taking over most of my time... Of course I can still find the time for a glass of wine or two...

Wednesday after work the roommates and I headed to The Glenmore in The Rocks for a winter party on the rooftop. It was really cool up there with great views of the Opera House and the city. It's a great place to go if your looking for after work drinks with a chilled atmosphere. 

On Thursday I went to dance practice and got to try on my costume (see picture). I'm wearing leggings in the photo but I won't be able to on the night. I will only have tights on with my leotard with the dress over the top, which is a little nerve racking as eveyone will see a lot of leg on show with all the turning!

Friday I had another dance practice with a few of the other performance teams. One of the teams were the ladies advanced team who were amazing, they were so good at engaging the audience. I will definitely be taking a leaf out of their book. We didn't finish till 11pm so I had to give going out a miss!

All the housemates and I ended up going to brunch at La Buvette in Potts Point on Saturday morning. I had french toast with grilled banana. It was soo delicious!

I then headed back to the apartment to relax on the balcony in the sun (yes it is still winter...but hot nevertheless...). I even enjoyed sunbathing with a glass of ice cold strawberry and lime cider...

Saturday evening I headed to a friend's hostel to have pre drinks with them before heading to Home nightclub in Darling Harbour. 

While we were leaving the hostel about 20 of the guys decided to get in the lift. They pressed the stop button and jumped up and down in the lift which ended up getting stuck. The firebridged, police and ambulance service all arrived to help them out of the lift which took over an hour and a half to get them out! I think they learnt their lesson, especially, as they got kicked out the hostel the next day! 

We left them while they were stuck to go to Home as we had to catch the bus for free entry to the club, otherwise, they charge $20 to get in. It was a good night, although, the club wasn't the best club I've been to in Sydney as it was more like a warehouse than a nightclub.


Sunday was pretty chilled day in front of the TV but in the evening I headed off for another practice session at Salsa.

Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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