Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thirty nine weeks down...

This week has been pretty chilled, especially, as I have now booked my flights to Melbourne and fly back via Adelaide so I can drive the Great Ocean Road. I have also booked my flights to Bali, Queenstown in New Zealand and Gold Coast. I'm similarly looking to do some traveling on the West Coast of Australia, although, I may have to forfeit this as I'm not sure if i'll be able to go due to lack of funds.  

Most of this week has consisted of planning for my trips and also practicing for my dance performance which is happening in a few weeks! Check out how we are getting on...

On Saturday I did try to do a few touristy things such as heading to Bondi. It was a beautiful winter's day down at the beach. It was pretty crazy to see a skating rink next to the beach. I must admit it's a weird concept to get your head around, especially, as I imagine winter to be cold and horrible, not sunny and warm still! 

The roomie and I then headed to Bondi Massive for brunch. I had zucchini and corn fritters and a sunrise soomthie which were delicious, although, I could of ate two of the fritters! 

I then met up with some friends at Bondi Social and had drinks all afternoon. 

I ended up feeling quite tipsy by the time I left so I headed back home to get ready to go out. I have to admit instead I ended up falling asleep at 9pm and didn't wake up till the next day! Oops! Although, it was my first Saturday evening I did nothing since being out here.

Sunday morning the roomie and I headed to Elizabeth Bay for a walk.

We went to Elizabeth Bay Cafe for brunch where I had Eggs Benedict which were very filling! 

We then headed to Newtown to have a look around and headed to Black Star Pastry who are well known for their strawberry and watermelon cake. There are usually queues so your best to go earlier if you want a piece of this renowned cake! 

That evening I headed to dance practice to have another practice session! Check it out...


Keeping you posted.

Sarah x 

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